Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Full Squad: Day 2 From Port Charlotte

Very nice to see Hellickson back on the field!

BJ explained to Longo that his "jogging" is Longo's sprint.

Damon & Jennings were an interesting pair in sprints as well.

Brief team meeting today, mostly drills & hitting.

This partnership would be great for Manny...

Catchers worked on some throwing..

The pitchers worked on the "wheel" play and basic vs the bunt.

Sean & Reid looked smooth on the DP turns today.

Both Zo & Sean also got in some OF work.

Nice spacing by the OF!
Leslie better get that butt down if he is going to play infield!

Some good baserunning drills with pitchers holding them on.
JD was exceptional with the fans today. Says all the right things.

Jake McGee vs Leslie Anderson had Maddon & Friedman watching.
The pitchers had some fun today, batters are still a little behind.

A glimpse of the present or future?

Watch out for Casey Kotchman, he has been stinging the ball!

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Paul said...

Great stuff, really enjoying the commentary with the photos Jim.

How is Al these days?